Why aren't people addressing the source of the issue?

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Why aren't people addressing the source of the issue?

Postautor: johnnyhenderson » 11 paź 2017, 10:30

Its been long and recently even more openly proven that Saudi Arabia is actively funding terrorism and ISIS yet theres barely if any real backlash and consequences on that.
On one hand they are directly responsible for any ISIS attacks in Europe since they fund them not to mention the massive level of atrocities overall comited so far on muslim population be it syrian,iraqi etc in that middle east area.
One the other hand the entire public and geopolitical stance is to suck their dicks. Here you go main funders of ISIS, Al'qaeda and other terrorist organisation, here have some billion $ arms deal, have this and that and some more global ass kissing by absolutely everyone with US being the major culprit in this.

Please Help !
Thanks !

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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