s would have to be sent to another lab outside

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s would have to be sent to another lab outside

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Ive always wondered why there are so few third basemen in the Hall of Fame at Cooperstown. Joe Allen Jersey . In fact there are fewer that played the "Hot Corner" in the Hall than any other position. In total there are 16 men enshrined, but four of them were restricted to playing in the Negro Leagues because of the social injustice of racism and the Colour Barrier. Of the remaining 12, Paul Molitor actually only played the position for a little over 700 games, due in large part to injuries. He earned his spot in the Hall and deservedly so for his versatility, his hitting and his ability as a DH, not to mention, his incredible baseball "IQ" and base running ability. That only leaves 11 men who primarily played third and made it to Cooperstown, since the first class was announced in 1936. Though playing a corner infield position might initially make you think of power first and defence second, it really seems to be the other way around. Only two of the 11 hit over 500 home runs, Phillies great Mike Schmidt and Braves legend Eddie Mathews. George Brett was next over 200 behind them. Brett and Wade Boggs were both incredible gap to gap hitters. Its a little surprising to see that four of these Hall of Famers actually hit fewer than 100 homers, including Frank "Home Run" Baker, who won four home run titles despite only hitting 96 in his career in the early 1900s. Baker actually used a 52 ounce bat that could be as many as 20 ounces heavier than the lumber used today. Defence is really the gold standard at third base. Orioles Brooks Robinson, who really defined greatness in the 60s and 70s at third, won 16 Gold Gloves. 16 in a row, I might add. Schmidt won 10 Gold Gloves and six Sliver Slugger awards as top hitter at his position in addition to being a three time Most Valuable Player and 12-time All-Star. There simply isnt anyone in that class today. When I first saw Blue Jays third baseman Brett Lawrie and Orioles third baseman Manny Machado play, I thought both had a shot at greatness. Theyre both certainly young enough to reach those lofty heights, but Lawrie has been bogged down by injuries and Machado has now had season ending surgeries on both knees over the last two seasons. The top three third baseman right now, in no particular order, are Evan Longoria of the Tampa Bay Rays, New York Mets David Wright and Adrian Beltre of the Texas Rangers. Longoria has established himself as one of the top two or so defensively while still striving to achieve his full potential offensively. Wright, slowed by injuries this season, is a seven time all-star and two-time Gold Glover. What he really needs is a winning Mets team to raise his profile. Beltre at 35 is in the twilight of a very good career, he is a four- time Gold Glove winner and has taken three Silver Slugger awards. He has a fairly decent shot at being the 17th third baseman to get into Cooperstown Ed Sprague is probably the best third baseman the Blue Jays ever developed on their own. Others such as Kelly Gruber, Tony Batista, Scott Rolen, Troy Glaus or Lawrie were picked up in deals or draft claims (Gruber) from other organizations. Even the great platoon of the early days Garth Iorg and Rance Mulliniks originated elsewhere. In their entire history, the Blue Jays have only had one of their third basemen win a Gold Glove; Gruber in 1990. As great a franchise as the Yankees are, Boggs and Frank Baker are the only third baseman to make it to Cooperstown. Boggs spent the lions share of his career in Boston and Baker began his career in Philadelphia. Over the weekend, Arizona made it known, theyre going to at least experiment with moving former Blue Jays second baseman Aaron Hill from the "Keystone" to third next season. Its partially because they havent developed anyone else for the position, partially because of his power potential and because they cant find another team to take his contract off their hands. Its just another example though of how difficult it is to find and develop a quality third baseman let alone a Hall of Famer. Last week I talked about how much easier the Tigers schedule looked down the stretch since they had 11 games remaining with Minnesota, While on the weekend, they wrapped out 60 hits in their four game set with the Twins at Target Field. The last time Detroit did that in a four game series was July 6th to the 8th in 1956 at old Comiskey Park in Chicago against the White Sox. Yet for all of that offence, the Tigers could only get a split and remain a game back of Seattle for that final Wild Card position. How important is a teams road record? Well only one team currently holding a losing record away from home is in possession of a Play-off position, That would be St. Louis at (31-33) and sitting in the first Wild Card spot in the National League, The Blue Jays are (32-36) with just 13 road games to go. Custom Wales Jersey . Patrice Bergeron and Daniel Paille scored 20 seconds apart a few minutes after Stamkos was taken off the ice on a stretcher with a broken right leg, and the Bruins beat the Lightning 3-0 on Monday afternoon. Gareth Bale Jersey . Then he got back at the team that released him five days before the start of last season, hitting a tiebreaking double in the ninth inning of the first game at Fenway Park since Boston won the World Series last October. http://www.walesfootballteamshop.com/aaron-ramsey-jersey-wales.html .Two San Francisco radio stations say they wont play the song during the duration of the World Series. A Kansas City, Missouri, station responded with plans to play the Grammy-winning track every hour from 7 a.LONDON -- The IOC is using an improved steroid test to reanalyze frozen doping samples from the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin and may use the same method to conduct retests from the 2008 Beijing Games. The tests can detect steroid use going further back than ever before and in lower concentrations, IOC medical commission chairman Arne Ljungqvist told The Associated Press on Tuesday. "Its a natural development of the methodology," he said, adding that the test increases the chances of catching drug cheats who went undetected at the time. The International Olympic Committee announced in March that it would retest Turin samples, just as it rechecked samples from the 2004 and 2008 Summer Games in Athens and Beijing -- catching 10 dopers retroactively. The IOC stores Olympic samples for eight years to allow for retesting if new methods become available. The Turin retesting involves a wider detection window, possibly going back as much as six months or more after steroids were taken. "The IOC is currently retesting some of the samples collected during the Olympic Winter Games in Turin in 2006 and we can confirm that we are using the new long-term metabolites method to detect anabolic steroids," the IOC said in a statement. The method will also be used in the drug-testing program at Februarys Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. According to a weekend report by German broadcaster ARD, doping labs in Cologne and Moscow using then new method have detected hundreds of positive cases in recent months. The report said the substances included oral turinabol, a steroid widely used in the former East Germany, and stanozolol, the drug which led to Ben Johnsons disqualification at the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Ljungqvist said he had no independent information on the contents of the ARD report, suggesting the cases may have involved "very old samples" tested for research purposes. "Its nothing that we have initiated," he said. Meanwhile, Ljungqvist said the IOC expects to have the results of the Turin tests by the end of the year. The tests are looking for steroids, new generations of the blood-booster EPO and growth hormone, he told the AP in a telephone interview. Urine and blood samples from Turin are stored at the doping laboratory in Lausanne, Switzerland. The exact number of retests is not known, but Ljungqvist said the IOC had identified "a couple of hundred" samples for possible reanalysis. Endurance events such as cross-country skiing are considered the most open to doping abuse. The IOC wants to wrap up the testing process, including any sanctions, before the Sochi Games, which begin Feb. 7. In 2010, the IOC reanalyzed some Turin samplees for insulin and blood-booster CERA but all came back negative. Ashley Williams Wales Jersey. . The IOC decided a few months ago to test more samples before the eight-year deadline runs out in February 2014. Only one positive case was recorded during the Turin Games -- Russian biathlete Olga Pyleva was stripped of a silver medal after testing positive for a banned stimulant. But Turin was hit by a major doping scandal when Italian police -- acting on a tip-off from the IOC -- raided the lodgings of the Austrian cross-country and biathlon team, seizing blood-doping equipment. While no Austrian athletes tested positive at the time, four later received life bans from the IOC. Last year, the IOC retested samples from the Athens Olympics and caught five athletes who were retroactively stripped of medals for using steroids, including mens shot put winner Yuriy Bilonog of Ukraine. Previously, retests of samples from Beijing for CERA led to five positive cases -- with Bahrain runner Rashid Ramzi stripped of gold in the 1,500 metres. Ljungqvist said more Beijing samples could now be retested using the improved steroid test. While the samples that have already been retested no longer exist, many others remain. "We can go back to Beijing before 2016," Ljungqvist said. "We may do that. We havent decided yet. We will do it as the eight-year time approaches." Under newly approved global rules, the statute of limitations in doping cases will be increased to 10 years starting in 2015. On a separate issue, Ljungqvist said he was confident the Russian lab assigned to test doping samples in Sochi will be ready for the games, despite a threat of sanctions from the World Anti-Doping Agency. On Sunday, WADA gave the lab until Dec. 1 to start reforms to improve the reliability of its results, or face a six-month suspension. The Moscow lab is due to set up a "satellite" facility in Sochi for the Olympics. "We interpret the WADA decision as if we will have the Moscow lab available," Ljungqvist said. "We take that for granted. They (the Russians) will of course fulfil the requirements established in the decision to make sure they have the proper procedures in place. We are feeling pretty confident." If the lab fails to come up to scratch, the Sochi samples would have to be sent to another lab outside Russia for testing, posing logistical and financial issues. "Of course, we have to have a Plan B, but the Plan B is not attractive," Ljungqvist said. "That would be to send samples out of Russia. We have to find a lab which wishes to do that and Im not sure what labs may wish to do that. Its quite risky with transport and all that." Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Jerseys From China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys ' ' '

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