BDO is it worth returning?

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BDO is it worth returning?

Postautor: johnnyhenderson » 14 paź 2017, 14:17

I'm a beginner like BDO. I could say that I felt the atmosphere of the game, but due to lack of time I had to give up - I took a job that took me 16h a day so BDO fell off. Now after all the bugs (digging into what millions have done) and being in the back I do not know if I have a chance to come back, be in the lead and have a good time. Are there still Polish guilds that are at the top? I remember that I was in one of them, even though I honestly said that my name came out of the head :(Could it make it to the top? What classes are strong now? (I played Sorc) What is the situation with people and pvp?

Please Help !
Thanks !

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